Erasmus+ KA2 VET 2015: “ECVET and OER based assessment and training of guidance practitioners working with NEETs”



Definition of the guidance practitioners’ profiles

Provincia di Vincenza

18 Febbraio 2016


During the focus group “Definition of the guidance practitioners’ profiles” the ECVET.OER.NEET. project was presented to the participants. Participants were guidance operators of public employment centers and of private training organizations.

The contents of the focus group were the following:


  • Presentation of data from National and European research on NEET people;
  • Reconstruction with the participants of the NEET target’ features;
  • Mapping of skills necessary for the guidance activities, employed in every regional context
  • Identification, through a bottom-up process, of skills necessary to be a guidance practitioner working with NEETs
  • Motivation of the practitioners to acquire professional skills to work with NEETs.
  • English
  • Ελληνικά
  • Italiano
  • Polski
  • Português
  • Español