The project is structured in the following activities (work packages):

A1. Project Management entrusted to the Management Committee and to the Lead Partner, providing: 1. Project management according to the planned timetable and budget; 2. Organization of transnational meetings; 3. Realization of a project handbook; 4. Drafting of semiannual and final reports on realized activities. 5. Collection and storage of project documents.

A2. Project Quality Assurance through the development of the Plan for monitoring, evaluation and quality of project, with the description of periodical actions related to 3 evaluation levels: 1. Evaluation at process level 2. Evaluation of products and results 3. Evaluation of Impact. The surveys will be conducted using tests and questionnaires structured with open, closed and multiple choice questions.

A3. Research & Analysis. Three areas of research:
1. Research on the definition of the profiles of public and private guidance practitioners who
work with NEET
2. Research and census of Open Educational Resources (OERs) that can be used for the
guidance of the NEET
3. Training Needs Analysis of public and private guidance practitioners who work with NEET

A4. Definition of the competence profile of the guidance practitioner who work with NEET,
through the job analysis, defining the key activities and teaching units to promote the completion of the duties of each area of activity. For each identified key activities, they have identified a set of ECVET points.

A5. Definition of the validation device of competences of the guidance practitioner who work with NEET, in order to ensure that they perform their current tasks at an optimal level already defined.
The validation system is based on a structured interview focused on how the guidance practitioner performs its main tasks that characterize his professional profile with the release at the end of the process of ECVET points.

A6. Planning of training courses for the guidance practitioners and for the trainers of practitioners. Two areas of activity:
1. development of a face to face training model
2. development of a training model to be realized through the web (e-learning)

A7. Testing of the principal intellectual outputs.

A8. Implementation of project website for sharing knowledge through access to qualified tools and services useful to the profession of guidance practitioner.

A9. Dissemination and Exploitation, for their description see H2 Section of the application.

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